Extension Payments No Longer Necessary for Valid MT Extension

Since Tax Year 2017, you no longer need to make a payment to the MT Dept of Revenue by the due date of the return to obtain a valid extension.

All taxpayers can enjoy a six-month automatic extension. As a result, the department removed the extension checkbox and the extension line on Form 2.

However, the automatic extension to file is not an extension to pay.

If you pay all or part of your taxes after April 15, 2019, you will have to pay interest at a 5 percent rate on that amount.
If you file on extension, you may still want to make a payment before April 15 to reduce the interest you will owe.
When making such payments:
  • Choose “Payment with Return” on the Montana Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher or “Return Payment” if you pay via E-check, and
  • Report this payment on line 7 of the “Other Payments and Refundable Credits Schedule” when you file your return.

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