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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing... QuickBooks Online!

For those of our clients that use QuickBooks for their business or personal accounting, we would like to point out a relatively new feature from QuickBooks called QuickBooks Online. This feature works basically the same as QuickBooks always has, but instead of purchasing and installing software, users pay for use of the program and can log-in and access their books online.  Fees for using QuickBooks Online can be paid on a monthly basis or on an annual basis depending on the needs of the user.

The fact that your record is housed online means that your QuickBooks can be accessed from any computer with internet access as well as from a tablet or smartphone. It also provides automatic back-up of your data, so losing a hard drive in a computer would not require reconstruction of your record.  To ease security concerns, QuickBooks also promises the same security of your data as banks offer with online banking and transactions.  Another plus is the ability to share the file and the data in it with others (like your accountant at tax time!) by simply giving the other party your user name and password.  This would allow your accountant to access and view your QuickBooks for your tax return or estimate, as well as make changes that will remain in your record going forward. This alleviates the need to make a back-up file on an external drive and get it to your accountant, so changes can be instant instead of waiting to get your file back.

This is simply another feature that QuickBooks offers and may not be ideal or necessary for all QuickBooks users. If you are thinking of starting QuickBooks or are a current QuickBooks user thinking of making the change to QuickBooks Online, feel free to give us a call and discuss this feature and see if it would be suitable for your needs. We are more than happy to help!
For more information on QuickBooks Online you can also visit Intuit’s website at:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Find Hidden Money by Organizing Your Home

Getting organized provides many valuable and smart opportunities to give yourself a raise.
By Lorie Marrero
By Amanda Rohde/Getty 
#1: See what you have.
We always say that visibility is the goal of almost any organizing project, and gaining that visibility to your stuff allows you to make smarter purchases. If you know that you already have four pink sweatshirts, you won't need to buy another one.

 #2: Use what you have.

Along with making smarter purchases, the visibility you will gain from organizing your home allows you to avoid waste. Planning your meals and being able to find and use what you have purchased means less spoiled or stale food being thrown out. You're also more likely to use coupons and gift certificates when you have a system for locating them. (A simple accordion check-file from the office supply store works well.) Try planning your meals and thus grocery list around what is on sale this week or month.

#3: Stop late fees and unnecessary charges.

When you have an organized system for paying bills, you avoid expensive late fees and even worse, damage to your credit rating. Keeping closer watch over your bills also means you may catch those recurring charges for something you don’t use any longer. You can also learn that you might not have the right plan for your cable or cell phone, which provides huge potential savings.  Decide on a permanent home for your bills and decide on regular bill-paying days.

#4: Find actual money!
You may find actual money…especially coins.  They can add up.  You may also find those unused gift cards! Organizing clothing, purses, and your paperwork often yields a fun bonus. Don't forget that rebate opportunities and warranty information can help you get some money back too.

#5: Get back some of your precious time.

Time is truly more valuable than money, since you can never get wasted time back. When you organize your home, you can save the time looking for your keys, your bills, and your missing shoes and spend it doing something else that matters to you more. 

#6: Get a possible tax deduction.

Organizing your family's closets, toys, books, and DVD collections can help you while you help others. Visit to use the Donation Impact Calculator to see what good your donations are doing for people in your community.