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Introducing Text Request - Our New Communication Service

We're pretty excited about our handy new communication service at the  office of Gardner & Billing CPAs.  Send a text to our landline (436-2583) and the  Text Request feature converts the message so that we can accept and respond  to you via text message! 
We recognize that in this new age of communication it's important to utilize the method that works best for YOU.  Many clients have found texting useful in areas were cell phone reception is too poor for a phone call.  Maybe you're too busy to take/make a call and it's easier to shoot off a quick message when you're free.  Others like a written reminder of their tax details or appointment time.   Text Request helps us best serve your needs.
Our entire staff has access to the messages so it may be necessary to  identify yourself and who you're trying to contact, but we encourage you to take advantage of this service if it's right for you!

MT 2nd QTR Estimated Payment Due June 15