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Summer Time!

The office of Gardner & Billing CPAs are now operating on SUMMER HOURS. June, July & August Monday - Thursday (closed Fridays) 8am - 5pm (closed for lunch from 12-1) Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Honoring the Fallen...


Tax Tips for Students Working Summer Jobs

School’s out for the summer! For some students that means a summer job flipping burgers, mowing lawns or waiting tables. Regardless of how menial you might view your summer job, it will benefit you down the road to have some work experience for your first big job interview or college application. So no matter what job you choose this summer, it can add a little extra padding to both your job history AND your pockets! With that in mind, here are some tax tips for parents and students to avoid any surprises!

1. Understand the Rules for Claiming Dependents
You may be wondering, since your child has a summer job, if you will still be able to claim him or her as a dependent on your own return. The answer is, "Yes." A child under the age of 19 (or under the age of 24 and a full-time student) can make any amount of income and still be claimed as a dependent as long as you are still providing more than half their support. This includes food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, sc…

Financial Advice for the High School Graduate

A new class of graduating seniors is about to enter the workforce and the whole new world of life after high school. Gardner & Billing CPAs want to wish the entire Broadus Class of 2017 the very best for the future ahead! Congratulations on your achievements! We want you to go forth into the world armed with sound advice for a successful future, so here are a few key pieces of financial advice from an article by Ryan Guina and

Understand how personal finance works
Personal finance is not difficult once you learn the basic principles. Learn how credit cards and debit cards work and the pros and cons of using credit cards. You should also know how to balance a checkbook, how to bank online, how to avoid credit card fees, and other basic principles, like filing a tax return.

Spend less than you earn
After knowing how to use financial tools, spending less than you earn is the most important thing you can do for your financial situation. It doesn’t matter how smart…

Goodbye Winter ~ Hello Spring!