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Special Notice for Ranchers Who Received IRS Correspondence Assessing Estimated Tax Penalties

We have become aware of several of our "early rancher" filers who have received IRS correspondence assessing penalties for failure to pay estimated tax. DO NOT PAY OR IGNORE THIS CORRESPONDENCE.  If you meet the Qualified Farmer criteria, you are not required to pay estimated taxes and the penalties will be waived.  However, you must respond to the notice in order for the penalties to be abated.  

You should always bring any official correspondence to the attention of your tax preparer BEFORE paying.  We are always available to review your correspondence and to respond on your behalf.  

The information below is from the IRS website and discusses the Special Estimated Tax Rules for Qualified Farmers:

Should I Itemize?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing each of you hefty tax refunds to weigh down those pockets this Paddy's Day!

MT Dept of Revenue - Where's My Refund?


Welcome to March, which means the Corporation Filing Deadline is approaching!

It's always a big push to meet the Early Rancher filing deadline by March 1st and now without taking a breath, we're pushing onward to the March 15th Corporation filing deadline!  
All calendar year 1120 and 1120S Corporations are due to be filed by 3/15.  Make sure we have received the all the information necessary to complete your corporate tax returns!