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Tax Filing Season Is Now Open


Watch Jolene Brown in Action!


Jolene Brown - Speaker - "A conversation is not a contract!"

Don't forget that the early registration deadline for the Powder River Family Business Workshop is next week on January 17th! Come join members of your community and find out what Jolene Brown's message can do for your business!

Powder River Family Business Workshop featuring Jolene Brown

The Top Ten Mistakes that Break Up a Family Business Tuesday, January 24th  1:00 - 5:00 pm Powder River High School Auditorium

 Maybe you've heard about the upcoming family business workshop in Powder River County?  But did you know that this event could benefit you?   Although the workshop is being directed at "Ag" families, we want EVERY FAMILY BUSINESS to realize the impact that this workshop could have on your business plan and family dynamic!  Professional speaker Jolene Brown has agricultural experience, but her message is about FAMILY and what it takes to work together to create a successful business.  Here at Gardner & Billing CPAs, we are incredibly excited to help sponsor this event and we're extremely proud that our very own Melissa Billing, CPA will be featured on the workshop's Key Advisors Panel! 

The theme of this workshop is "The Top Ten Mistakes that Break Up a Family Business" and focuses on learning to prevent the aggravations and c…