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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Powder River Family Business Workshop featuring Jolene Brown

The Top Ten Mistakes that Break Up a Family Business
Tuesday, January 24th 
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Powder River High School Auditorium

 Maybe you've heard about the upcoming family business workshop in Powder River County?  But did you know that this event could benefit you?   Although the workshop is being directed at "Ag" families, we want EVERY FAMILY BUSINESS to realize the impact that this workshop could have on your business plan and family dynamic!  Professional speaker Jolene Brown has agricultural experience, but her message is about FAMILY and what it takes to work together to create a successful business.  Here at Gardner & Billing CPAs, we are incredibly excited to help sponsor this event and we're extremely proud that our very own Melissa Billing, CPA will be featured on the workshop's Key Advisors Panel! 

The theme of this workshop is "The Top Ten Mistakes that Break Up a Family Business" and focuses on learning to prevent the aggravations and catastrophes that can befall a family business.  Jolene is sure to deliver an eye-opening presentation filled with humor and valuable lessons.  

So, who is Jolene Brown? 

She’s an award winning communicator, and an honored recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation of speaking achievement worldwide! She's known as a Champion for Agriculture whether from the platform, in the magazines, on television, or on the radio. She has also received the esteemed Legend of the Speaking Profession award from her peers in the speaking profession. Jolene Brown will have you laughing while you learn!
She is a walking-talking spokesperson and consultant for the family-owned business. With her keen insight and result-centered approach, she's been invited to sit at lots of kitchen tables and family business meeting rooms. Jolene has learned what works and what doesn't. She understands the unique challenges facing parents, siblings, in-laws and "outlaws" who work together.

Jolene's popular book, "Sometimes You Need More Than a 2x4!" contains how-to-tips so those in agriculture can increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind.
As co-owner and active partner on their Eastern Iowa corn and soybean farm, her practical experience includes plugging a grain auger, hypnotizing chickens and entertaining folks behind the equipment parts counter.

Jolene cares deeply about the ag industry and is on a mission to share leading-edge best practices.  She's a passionate supporter, promoter and champion for the people who feed, clothe and fuel the world.

Her worldwide audiences appreciate her fun-filled humor and real-life stories.  They leave with take home value, great big smiles on their faces and eager to return for more.