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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MT Secretary of State SIMS Mailing

 You may have recently received a business mailing from the Montana Secretary of State.  In fact, you may have received multiple mailings containing activation codes for the new SIMS(be) online system.  So what exactly is SIMS and why is your code important? 

What is SIMS (BE)?
The new Secretary of State Information Management System (SIMS) Business Entity (BE) system allows online access to business documents and filings with the Montana Secretary of State.  What that means is, once registered, you can access your business entity documents (such as articles of incorporation) and submit your business report filings online. 

Why register and why is the code important?   
If you manage a corporation or LLC, you are required to file an annual report with the MT Secretary of State each year by April 15th.  Previously, you could very simply file this report online via the SOS website by using your business name and folder number.  If you utilized the online filing system previously, it’s important to know that the SIMS update replaces the old system.  In order to file your annual report online, you will now be required to register for a SIMS and ePass account, then enter the activation code you received in the mail.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FILE ONLINE WITHOUT THE ACTIVATION CODE. 

What if my accountant usually files my annual report?
If our office has previously been responsible for the filing of your annual report, WE WILL NEED YOUR ACTIVATION CODE.  Please drop it by our office (or mail, email or fax) and we will continue to file your report. 

Why did I receive multiple codes?
You may have received multiple activation codes.  According to the SOS, “If you own a business and are also a registered agent you will receive two activation codes…. In addition, depending on how your name is registered… or the way the address is displayed may result in you receiving multiple activation codes.”  Feel free to bring us any codes you received and we can help you understand them. 

How do I register?
If you need help registering, Gardner & Billing CPAs would be more than happy to assist you, or you can access the SOS help center at

What if I misplace my code?
You will need the code in order to e-file your annual report, so if you misplace it now, you will need to contact the SOS in order to receive a new one.  Save yourself a huge headache later and hang on to your code NOW.  Drop by our office and we can scan it to your permanent records to ensure it doesn’t get misplaced. 

What if I have more questions?
Call or stop by Gardner & Billing CPAs or visit the Montana Secretary of State website for further information on SIMS(BE).