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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Dave Gardner and Melissa Billing have been providing accounting and tax services for nearly 40 years, and continue to implement new strategies to deal with the ever-changing business environment.    

We recently completed a Strategic Planning Session where we evaluated our previous plans and identified adaptations we need to implement for meeting our future goals.  

Jessica Malone has developed into a key element of the services we provide.  Jessica brings an enviable work-ethic, an eagerness to learn and a goal of advancing her responsibilities.  In addition to her current responsibilities, Jessica will begin to work on more of the organizing and preliminary work-paper preparation that goes into producing tax returns.   An enrolled-agent designation, which would provide Jessica with the proper credentials to represent clients with the Internal Revenue Service, is in Jessica’s future goals and will greatly expand the office’s capacity.

 Melissa and Dave will continue to be as involved with their clients, but Jessica’s assistance will allow the CPA’s to provide services to a larger client group.   We always welcome new clients and are excited by our new capacity for growth!

As a result of the move Jess is making, the office will be searching for an entry level staff accountant.  This position will be a professional career opportunity with advancement opportunities as their skills develop.   We know we can teach the right individual what they need to be a success at the office.  We also know that accounting experience is helpful; however, the willingness to learn and to be adaptable are the key elements of long-term success with our team of professionals.

We will also be starting a search for a seasonal receptionist from November through April to assist us with the important jobs of phone calls and client contact at the office.  With the large amount of information that comes into the office it is a priority to track and organize that material.

We are developing a summer-internship opportunity for young adults that are about to enter the work-force and looking for experience in the accounting field.   We are excited to share our plans with the local Business Professionals of America (BPA) in the High School.  The business classes and the BPA do an excellent job of preparing interested students with the basic skills to be successful with the internship. We see it as an opportunity to begin grooming potential employees for long-term employment in our community. 

We have added a “portal” feature to our suite of products and are excited about the features it makes available to our clients.  In short, the portal is a secure method for clients to electronically access their information at the office.  An easy enrollment providing a user name and password allows a user to download their information.    For example, if your bank needs a copy of your tax return, you can easily download and email it instead of requesting a hard copy from the office that then needs delivered to the bank!  Each client only has access to their own information and only those who enroll in the portal will have information available for download.

Our newly updated website: includes a “blog” feature that we use to post new and important information that is readily available to all readers.  The blog does not provide for interaction by the user, but is a great way to get information out to a large audience in a short amount of time.  

We have published our Facebook Business page that will also serve as a means of getting important information to the Facebook community.  In addition, the page will have a direct link to our blog for a more in-depth discussion of timely topics.   So in your Facebook browsing, please check out our Gardner & Billing CPAs Facebook page. 

In the coming weeks, we will be starting our search for the staff accountant and the seasonal receptionist.  Watch the Powder River Examiner, our website, and the postings by the Job Service for Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota for these positions.